Beautiful by nature!


Logona is a German brand of organic cosmetics founded 40 years ago on the wings of the ecological movement and the unwilling desire of young people to form products for facial and body care without chemical ingredients harmful to the environment and the health of the users. Over the years it has evolved into prestigious organic cosmetic brand present in markets all around the world.


Since its inception, thanks to its own research and development department, Logona has been developing innovative products. Starting from cosmetics intended for people with severe allergies, without synthetic preservatives, colors and perfumes, through the first shampoos without artificial foam ingredients (sodium lauryl sulphate) to the world innovation - Logona nail polish with prestigious BDIH certificate.


In order to maintain the trust of already existing customers, and gain the trust of new ones, Logona advocates the introduction of certificates that will guarantee the natural and organic quality of the product. After years of work of the working group whose member is Logona, BDIH is created - a German certificate that sets out strict rules regarding ingredients that can be found in products of natural cosmetics. Next comes NaTrue - an international certificate of natural, organic cosmetic products as a need for a such certificate at the international level.

On Logona products you can find symbols that indicate their organic quality, that they have not been tested on animals, as well as vegan and gluten-free labels to those who fulfill these conditions.

Special attention is paid to the packaging. All packages are minimal and degradable according to ecological requirements in terms of environmental protection.


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